YENN chats about her song Foreigner

Yenn_Foreigner_Cover_final-2 copy

Yenn_Foreigner_Cover_final-2 copy

Pop artist Yenn isn’t one to stay focused on any one thing. From recording booth to measuring tape to killing your husband on a dimly lit stage may be
somewhat of a jump for most folks, there IS sense to the madness. “Tackle one situation at a time. Its all related. Have a stash of chocolate ice cream nearby.” Yenn advises on multitasking. Amidst a new Product Line and rumors of a play in the works, Yenn talks a little Foreign speak?

E: I hear you’ve been busy. You have a new Product Line and a Single.

Y: Yes. Im launching Kepers and I released my single Foreigner.

E: By listening to your lyrics I can totally see the reason for the title. So was it a particular person you were writing to?

Y: At the time we were writing it, it was about looking for something exotic and unknown. My writing partner was going through a phase where he was infatuated
girls and a foreign accent.

E: At the time? Has the meaning of Foreigner changed since then?

Y: It hasn’t changed. I think i like it more now… It reminds me to feel free, open, exhilarated by people. Thats a good kinda reminder right?

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