The DNA of a Dime Piece

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“Dime Piece” – When a girl is ‘banging, hot, beautiful.’ “A perfect ten.” – the Urban Dictionary


We’ve heard the term. We watch celebrity after perfect celebrity grace TV screens, magazines and just about every visual surface in our daily lives. We train, sweat, shop. We seek out every product, formula, procedure possible (and affordable) to beautify, tone, grow, shape and attain the status of the mythical Dime Piece.


I will call them mythical because well, quite frankly, to me, they are like unicorns. I see them. I know they exist. But how do I get one? And to be vain? How does the average anybody ever attain Perfect 10 status without alien DNA? Think about it. To have a perfect EVERYTHING. You see my point. To try to understand them logically, I needed to ask: What makes a perfect 10? And what counts on the grading scale? I decided to enlist the help of my trusty male advisors to assist me in spotting and breaking down the genetic make up of the Perfect 10.


I asked three friends with very distinct different tastes in order to get a varied perspective. I was also asked not to reveal any real names to protect the subjects interviewed from any possible angry-girlfriend repercussions. So, for article purposes I will call them Drake*, Sam* and Jordan*.


Q .What makes someone a Dime Piece? Or are they just hatched from perfect unicorn eggs?




Drake – A Dime Piece is a package. It’s not one thing. It’s a balance of looks, intelligence and personality.


            Sam – Looks, ambition and personality.


            Jordan – No eggs.


  1. Sooo… Which is more important on the 1 to 10 scale? Looks or personality?




            Drake – That depends on the guy. For me, I can’t be with a girl that looks good but can’t crack a smile or make me laugh.


            Sam – There isn’t one that’s more important. I need to be attracted to both.


Q.What are considered perfect looks? What’s considered a Dime Piece personality?




Drake – There is no such thing as a perfect looking woman. A Dime Piece does not mean a woman has perfect looks. There is usually a balance that is beautiful. Every guy has different tastes. I like lips, legs and curves. Some guys like long hair, cleavage … everyone is different. There are guys that would hump sand-paper if it had on a dress.


  1. Yeah, but they’re not important. Or do they reflect the majority decision?


            Drake – Nope. That’s why the perfect 10 is a Kate Upton to one guy, and Beyonce to another.


            Jordan – It’s not just the face or body. It’s how they’re put together. Style. She knows how to take care of herself and others. She needs to hold a conversation that is not about herself.


            Sam – When she looks good without make-up and is confident. Not mean about it.


            Drake – Intelligence … and I don’t mean just book smart. I like women who are empowered, well-spoken, have drive to achieve things. A great ass does not make-up for being bitchy or uneducated. If she talks to me right, she’s won.


  1. You mean there are actually more perfect 10s roaming around than previously thought?




            Jordan – No. There aren’t many Dime Pieces. That’s why they are perfect 10s. Every one wants a perfect somebody, that doesn’t mean you don’t fall in love with the person that’s right for you. If you love someone, then they are perfect to you.



  1. That sounds like a boyfriend answer. What would be a deal breaker? 




            Drake – If a woman can’t carry herself with some class, it’s absolutely unattractive. When you take a girl around your buddies and then your job, and she can carry herself, that’s hot.


            Sam – Faith. She has to be in touch spiritually. A girl who will stay with you and pray with you through rough times is a keeper.


            Jordan – I run from boring girls. I guess I like humor and long hair. A lot. My wife is funny and has really long hair. Hey Honey!


I have to say that the interview has enlightened me. If nothing else, perhaps I ask now whether or not the female sex isn’t more shallow with our understanding of the Dime Piece scale? To be honest, I had assumed a great body and perfect skin would count for most of the points on the number system! I am tickled to be wrong.


In conclusion to my research, the Dime Piece isn’t a myth. But, as previously believed, extremely rare. I have, however, decided it wouldn’t hurt to learn a joke or two after my facial appointment. Cheers.


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