Laughs By Volume



PiNT, a lifestyle brand devoted to craft beer, wine and more. Fueled by incredible demand to be knowledgeable of all things related
to the twenty-something’s carefree and trendy lifestyle, we’ve revolutionized the magazine landscape by combining the best of all
their worlds in one package: craft beer, wine, lifestyle, food, entertainment and fun.

It’s no secret that those who are no longer in their twenties wish they still were. The world watches and follows trends set by one
age group, those who are 21-29 years old. PiNT has packaged that experience and is ready to gift it to society as a whole.

PiNT is launching it’s Craft Beer and Comedy Show. Three full hours of tasting featuring the best in locally brewed craft beer,
performances by locally brewed comics, and an amateur comedy contest that has a cash prize for the winner.

Admission is only $25 for access to the event, a souvenir PiNT glass, and craft beer tastings throughout the night.

Seating will be limited so we’re scheduling four shows per weekend.

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