Holiday Wines That Go Easy On Your Waistline


by Erick Wingfield

The holidays are about to kick into full effect which means you’ll be tasked with finding the perfect wine to help celebrate the occasion. In the last four months of the year, you’ll get to celebrate holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. With so much celebrating to do, it’s easy to get carried away. With a little planning, you can select the perfect wine for each occasion. Here are a few holiday/wine combinations that will help you keep trim during the holiday season.

Halloween: Schmitt Sohne Riesling

Celebrate the month of October with Schmitt Sohne Riesling. Although Schmitt Sohne Riesling features a twist top, this wine has a smooth taste that is complimented by flavors such as apricot and honey. This German Riesling typically retails between $7 and $12 per 750ml bottle and the ABV is 9.5 percent.

Schmitt Sohne Riesling can be found in most wine shops and liquor stores in America. Due to its popularity, it’s likely that you’ll find this beverage in the cooler in case you prefer to drink it chilled. Schmitt Sohne Riesling only has 141 calories per 6-ounce serving and it is commonly served with fruit, cheese or dessert.

Thanksgiving Day: Alsace Pinot Blanc

Share Alsace Pinot Blanc with your family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday. This French wine is light and has a slightly sweet, buttery taste that possesses a distinct aroma. Alsace Pinot Blanc typically retails between $10 and $20 a bottle and has an ABV between 9 and 10 percent. When you drink this Pinot Blanc, you’ll only be consuming 90 to 95 calories per 6-ounce serving.


New Years: Perrier-Jouet NV Grand Brut

Get ready to bring in the New Year with a glass of Perrier-Jouet NV Grand Brut champagne. This champagne boasts an apple-like flavor with a hint of citrus. The taste is balanced out perfectly with a rich texture of bubbles as you sip from your glass. Since champagne glasses are smaller than wine glasses, a 4-ounce glass of Perrier-Jouet NV Grand Brut champagne measures out to about 90 calories with an ABV of 9.5 percent per serving. Most retailers sell Perrier-Jouet NV Grand Brut champagne in the $45 to $55 range.


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