by Terrell Howell

There is a moment we all dread at the end of a weekend of fun times. It’s the moment we have to open up our bank accounts and see exactly what kind of damage a weekend of bar hopping and binge drinking has done to our wallets. Ah, looks like Saturday was a $300 excursion down the boulevard, and for what? A decent buzz and hours spent aimlessly wandering around outside the bars at 2 a.m. waiting for an Uber. Surely there is a better way to spend this time and get a similar yet more rewarding experience. Indeed, there is, and it’s called beer and wine festivals.

Now is the time to stop running the club circuit, paying a cover to get in, a cover that gets higher if there’s going to be live music, and then paying too much for too little beer, or way too much for cocktails with the same vodka to soda ratio Grandma uses when preparing herself an afternoon tonic. These are things you don’t have to settle for anymore, thanks to beer and wine festivals. These places are like havens for everything beer and wine, and you’ll actually get your money’s worth. For one admission price that usually ranges from $20 to $50, depending on size and location, you gain access to a beer or wine lover’s paradise. It’s the opportunity to do something more exciting than ordering another Blue Moon from the bar down the street. These are places to broaden your beer and wine horizons, trying exotic wines and home brewed beer, the kind of which you would be hard pressed to find at any city bar. Once inside you have your selection of beverages, as well as full flights and a seemingly endless amount of tastings. Good luck getting this kind of beer or wine variety in one night of bar hopping.

When you go to a bar you pretty much head there with one broad intention which encompasses drinking and socializing. However, with beer and wine festivals, the options don’t end there. These festivals have a whole new atmosphere that opens up a world of possibilities that go beyond just drinking and chatting with your friends. Of course, if that is your intention beer and wine festivals are still a great place for you, and that’s the beautiful thing about them! Your experience is what you make of it. Interested in trying some delicious artisan cheeses with your wine? You’re likely to find that that is an option. How about some beer battered bratwurst to go with that home brew? With the right festival that is certainly a possibility. These festivals aren’t just a venue for drinking, they’re a thriving world of outdoor activity.



It’s such a pain sitting in a bar trying to enjoy music while also being able to hear well enough to have a conversation. Once again, beer and wine festivals have a solution and provide a better alternative. Live outdoor music always goes great with an ice cold beer or a delectable glass of wine, and some festivals pride themselves on being as much about beer and wine as they are about the entertainment. Atmosphere is important to these kinds of places, and the best ones do the finest job at creating that warm inviting feel that allows us to just sit around and enjoy a good drink with good company while listening to good music. How could it get any better than that?

If you are the kind of person who loves to go out consistently you might be worried that these festivals can’t provide the kind of consistency you want. Fret not, because these things are popping up all the time. In certain areas, especially cities and the affluent wine country, it isn’t difficult to find a festival to go to every single weekend, and each one promises to be a new and unique experience. When you’re ready to break the monotony of bars and clubs, the next direction lies with beer and wine festivals. You don’t need to be cheated out of money at a sleazy bar when these open-hearted festivals exist to deliver you some of the finest beer and wine you’ve ever drank, some of the most delicious foods you’ve ever tasted, and some of the most enjoyable music to listen to while partaking in the delicacies these great places have to offer. Waste no time in getting on the internet and finding what kind of festivals your area has to offer.

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