Does Sugar Content Affect my Drinking Wine and Weight Loss?


by Honey Boo Brew

Two of my favorite things have to be weight loss and of course, wine. I don’t want to give up one for the other. This is like trying which daughter you will give for a hand in marriage and which one you will keep. This is simply, an impossible decision. So, I am trying to narrow it down to how the sugar content is affecting both my wine intake and weight loss. That, to me, seems to be a simpler approach.


The fact is, I just went and grabbed a nice red Merlot glass of wine by Robert Mondavi. If I was dieting I would add an equal portion of tonic water to it so that I could extend the volume for no additional calories. See – I told you it was two of my most favorable subjects. I believe in balancing everything out, especially the finer things in life such as enjoying a glass of wine. Otherwise, what’s the point?


It has been proved that the amount of calories in a five ounce glass of white or red wine is approximately 118 to 130. That is a manageable number in almost anyone’s daily food intake. The amount of sugar in a five ounce glass of red wine varies. Dry wine will average about two grams of sugar per liter of wine, which is not much at all. Sweeter wines will have more sugar per liter. A medium dry Riesling may have over nine grams of sugar, which is approximately 1.5 grams per liter. On average, a bottle of wine that’s 12% alcohol by volume results in 99.4 calories from alcohol and 4.5 calories from sugar.


Balance is essential in developing good lifestyle habits. Fitting in the occasional slice of chocolate cheese, or a glass of wine is imperative to satisfying the soul, not just the taste buds. It’s also important to be prepared for the unexpected and having a plan B is the key to keeping a balance. And that runs true whether it’s for your sugar content, eating habits, or anything else.


It’s not just the sugar content in a glass of wine that is important, it is the overall big picture of your life that counts. Is it balanced? You and I both need to feel alive and we are worthy of not being deprived of the sweet things in life. Finally, have you ever watched the weight loss show The Biggest Loser? Whenever the host Bob pulls them aside and has that one on one talk with them, you will notice that their self-esteem has been in the tanks. The reasons are different but the results are the same.

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