Beer Style Guide


What diamonds are to women, beer is to men – their best friend! Heck, beer is even friendly with women! All around the world, people celebrate this drink as much as they do coffee, but we have only just begun to appreciate how versatile this tasty treat actually is.

When you think of coffee, your mind goes to Brazilian blends or Italian aromatic ranges, or you think about whether you want a latte or mocha to go. Similarly, beer has a lot of characters and styles, and while characters can be easily identified, the styles are a whole other story!

Let us tell you a little bit about the most common styles of beer so you’d know what you’ve missed; beer should NEVER be missed!



This is a very versatile style and it has a full malt aroma, along with subtle hints of caramel. Ambers come in the form of lager or ale.

These tend to be crisp and clear and have a very pale color. The beer has low to mild bitterness from hops, with a little bit of malt sweetness.

Brown or dark amber in color, this beer has traces of caramel and chocolate flavors along with a subtle citrus accent. It can also be strong, nutty or malty, depending on where it is being brewed.

A mild, golden and sweet style of ale; cream beers are a rare find.

This style is British, and it blends together hops, yeast and a combination of malts. The color is medium chestnut brown and it has a malty, robust character with a fruity aroma.

Most of the fruit beers you will find are ales, but they don’t carry any of the character. This kind of beer is very low in terms of bitterness to allow the fruity flavor to be dominant.

This Golden variety was first developed in the UK, and it is straw colored with hints of vanilla and citrus. This beer can sometimes have a spicier flavor, too.

That’s not all folks; there are so many kinds and styles of beer that it would be difficult to count them on your fingertips, so look around and find a favorite.

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